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"A lone creative ranger looking to break the boundaries of pop music." - The Music Ninja

"Effortless fusion of genres." - Digital High

"In an era where music feels increasingly homogenized, I look forward to following the blossoming career of this genuine creator." - Earmilk

"Addictive, interesting, and  freaking strangeβ€”in all the best ways." - Idobi

β€œBubbly on the surface, profound in entirety…Spazz Cardigan is manifesting a reality where he will never be put inside of a box.” - Beautiful Buzzz




Spazz Cardigan was raised on a diet of Nsync and Michael Jackson before discovering Queen at age 10 sparked a religious determination to create and perform. Growing up outside of Louisville, he was classically trained as a piano player before teaching himself guitar, bass, and drums. He began gigging at 11, playing in a handful of punk cover bands while learning how to produce and mix music on a Tascam 4-track tape recorder.

After applying to college with no way of affording it, he opted instead to move to Nashville two days after graduating high school to pursue making music full-time. He found early footing in the city by falling in with a hip-hop collective called The Diatribe, where he incubated his production technique. He wrote and recorded his LP β€˜I’ while moving couch to couch over the greater part of two years before self-releasing it in early 2017.  His 2018 singles "Episode", "Nerves", "Over", & β€œDOIDOIT” all debuted on Spotify's New Music Friday, accumulating 1 million plays within 8 months.

Spazz is a product of the Millennial post-genre landscape; a studio polymath and an electric live performer with a wide array of influences spanning Kanye West to Bjork, David Bowie to Sun Ra. His imaginative, textural pop defies simple definition and transcends genre with a uniquely accessible voice.




JUN 22 SAT // Nashville, TN - Nashville Pride (Tickets)

JUL 12 FRI // Louisville, KY - Forecastle (Tickets)



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